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Top 10 CNC Machining Services Companies - 2022

More and more aerospace manufacturers are using a range of CNC machining technologies to create essential no-fail components. The aerospace CNC machining services include creating complex parts for building aircraft, space shuttles, rockets, air vehicles, and other engines.

In modern CNC machines, artificial intelligence and machine learning software enable aerospace companies to examine precise production data, meet aircraft component production targets, and improve the quality and consistency of machined aerospace parts.

5-axis CNC machines help firms create geometrically complex shapes and streamline the entire manufacturing process. Whether they are made of composite plastics or solid metals, a 5-axis CNC machine saves time and resources when producing aerospace parts. Currently, the introduction of 6-axis machines is pushing CNC machining capabilities even further. CNC machines use 3D CAD models and computer instructions to make parts, which help firms quickly build new prototype designs, and test and update them if necessary.

At this juncture, several CNC machining service providers are entering the market to cater to the different needs of aerospace enterprises. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Aerospace and Defense Review has compiled a list of the most outstanding CNC machining solution providers. In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to account for the tightest tolerances and performance for every aerospace part while providing the right expertise.

We present Aerospace and Defense Review’s “Top 10 CNC Machining Services Companies 2022.”

    Top CNC Machining Services Companies

  • Founded in 1992, Baker Industries is a team of designers, engineers, machinists, fabricators, and more, passionate about providing exceptional machining services to modern OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, defense, space, and beyond. With over three decades of experience, what started as a three-person machine shop is now an industry-leading supplier of components requiring performance-critical precision and tight turnaround times. Baker has a 45,000-square-foot, climate-controlled facility that efficiently carries out customers' large fabrication projects, including weldments for bond tools, large shipping containers, transportation carts, and assembly equipment. Products leaving this facility support the production of OEM products like Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, 737, F-15, and F-18, and Lockheed Martin's F-35.

  • PACON has a proven track record of more than 50 years in manufacturing and supplying mission-critical machined components with the tightest tolerance demands for space, defense, robotics, semiconductor, and life sciences industries. It is a one-stop-shop for all CNC machining requirements, offering 5-Axis milling, mill-turn, light assembly, and sub-tier management of other specialized requirements, including prototyping, Design for Manufacture support, lean Just in Time production, and cost reduction.

  • Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc

    Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc

    Acutec Precision Aerospace Inc. is a machining and subassembly supply company in the aviation and aerospace industries

  • CFW Precision Metal Components

    CFW Precision Metal Components

    CFW PMC specializes in CNC machining and Waterjet cutting/ fabrication as core skills. CFW PMC have full CAD/ CAM capability and use SolidWorks to produce CNC programs

  • Intrex Aerospace

    Intrex Aerospace

    Intrex Aerospace is a precise CNC manufacturing firm with years of expertise. They manufacture precision machined components for aerospace, military, and space. They recognize the significance of delivering high-quality items on the schedule



    Metalmite is a full-service machine shop that produces, modifies, and repairs prototype and production components for various industrial applications

  • Micron Industries

    Micron Industries

    Micron company established a legacy of manufacturing quality in 1972, blending artistry and current technology to be a trusted supplier to important sectors

  • N.Q. Engineering , INC

    N.Q. Engineering , INC

    N.Q. Engineering, Inc. is based in the Central Valley of California and has been satisfying customers locally and abroad since 1985. CNC Machining and Production, Product Development and Prototypes, CAD/CAM Design, Fabrication, and Other Services are available

  • National Technologies, Inc

    National Technologies, Inc

    NTI has presented itself as the quality standard for the precision machined parts market as a source of precision machined components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers

  • Peerless Precision

    Peerless Precision

    Peerless Precision manufactures precision machined parts for defense, aerospace, and medical applications